Media Liaison

Official The Global Scavenger Hunt™ press kits, photos, Video News Release (VNR), event organizer and Team/contestant interviews are available upon request. An online media kit is availabe for the asking.

The Global Scavenger Hunt™ will be accepting applications for official media accreditation to cover the 11th edition of The Global Scavenger Hunt's three-week around-the-world event in the spring of 2015 (April  & May), beginning January 13th, 2015. If you would like to cover the event in person, please let us know ASAP as media space is limited in 2015.

Please Note: Unfortunately, due to the nature of the place we visit, that between our departure and return dates, we may experience some delays in returning press calls, e-mails and other inquiries, we hope you understand--we're focusing on making our event as great as can be and making sure that our Teams get all our attention they need!

Please Note: That English is the official language of The Global Scavenger Hunt

If you have any questions regarding The Global Scavenger Hunt™ (or the GreatEscape Foundation's work), interview requests, or media accreditation, please feel free to contact our Media Liaison at:

Pamela Finmark
Media Relations
The Global Scavenger Hunt

Media [at]

Thank you!