Media Quotes

So, what do international media outlets have to say about The Global Scavenger Hunt?

Well, a lot actually...And the reviews are in...:

" Survivor, The Amazing Race and the Eco-Challenge all rolled into one except with much more cultural interaction..."  - National Geographic/intelligent travel

"Up for the hunt? The world wide the hunt is on...unlike The Amazing Race or Survivor, no one will be eliminated from the competition...globe-trotter wannabes put their ability to the ultimate test."  - USA Today

"One of the 50 Most Amazing Trips in the World…consider your heroic tales of one of the most outrageous trips in the world…" - Outside magazine

"Top adventure contest...sure to push you to your limits..." - Discovery Channel

"Unlike the Amazing Race, this challenge is more about your ability to connect with cultures than speed." - Peter Greenberg

"…adventure for the travel-savvy who want something different." - Wall Street Journal

"One of the all-time 500 Adrenaline Adventures!" - Frommers

“…would be Indiana Joneses will have a chance to follow in his footsteps…an international event that restores the curiosity and adventure appeal…” - Time magazine

"Your own amazing global race." - The Sunday Times (Perth, Australia)

"It's not often that two passions can converge...service and travel." - The Economic Times (New Delhi, India)

"That looks just about exactly like my dream vacation - interesting destinations, getting outside of a comfort zone, opportunities to be competitive, but also a chance to meet other true adventurers..." - The Washington Post

"This 'Amazing Race' gets the interest from most road warriors."  - flyertalk/Inside Flyer

"This is just such a great idea!" - The Savvy Traveler

"One of the most authentically bizarre trips I could possibly imagine…" - Valarie D'Elia, host nationally syndicated Fodor's Travel Show (USA)

"Magical Mystery’s like being Phileas Fogg with air miles!" - South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)

"…would be Indiana Joneses will have a chance to follow in his footsteps…an international event that restores the curiosity and adventure appeal." - Toronto Star (Toronto, Canada)

"...designed to test participants' overall travel IQ in sight-doing scavenges..." - New Zealand Herald (Auckland, New Zealand)

"One hell of a way to go around the world." - CBS Radio

"It's about getting travelers to trust strangers in strange lands..." - The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Australia)

"If GreatEscape (is)(an) indicator for upcoming travel trends...Americans are in for some big adventures." - Orbitz

"Amazing Race isn't the only globe-trotting race...the Global Scavenger Hunt is every traveler's dream." - Calgary Sun (Calgary, Canada)

"The one and only open annual around-the-world travel adventure competition..." - The Kathmandu Post (Kathmandu, Nepal)

"Teams learn to shed their pre-programmed perceptions and learn to trust strangers in strange lands..." - The Straits Times (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

"The most remarkable three-week travel adventure competition in the world!" - The Asian Age (Mumbai, India)

"The serendipity of not knowing their destinations is one of the best aspects of the event…pack your curiosity and leave your expectations at home." - The Times of India (New Delhi, India)
"This scavenger hunt makes for a GreatEscape!"- Toronto Star (Toronto, Canada)

"A new version of the old treasure hunt game…a cross between Survivor and a blind date with the world." - The Age (Melbourne, Australia)

"A real life "Road Rules" looking for The World's Greatest Travelers." - FOX 11 TV (LA) 

"Forget Survivor II, that boring battle of the bozos…GreatEscape takes contestants on a four-continent adventure." - The Province (Vancouver, Canada)

"Like 1930s anthropologist-adventurers contestants will solve riddles, unravel cryptic clues, and uncover hints while visiting sacred sites, famous museums, and cultural events…" - The Record (NJ)

"People will literally be going on A Blind Date With The World…one of the most novel travel enterprises ever devised…Survivor? That's strictly for wimps!...This is the ultimate travel experience…only the most knowledgeable globetrotters need apply!" - The Bangkok Post (Bangkok, Thailand)

"The Global Scavenger Hunt…is the Super Bowl of adventure travel."  - The Sunday Mail (London, England)

"Looking for a challenge? Try a global scavenger hunt offering The World's Greatest Travelers crown."
 (Toronto, Canada)

...and yet there is more:

"We apologize for calling (The) Global Scavenger Hunt a TAR (The Amazing Race) clone. It actually debuted in 2000, one full year before Amazing Race." - (October 2009)

"GreatEscape will move teams away from having their noses stuck in guidebooks and get them engaged in the human connection of travel…a bizarre hybridization which falls somewhere between Anneka Rice's "Treasure Hunt" and "Tomb Raiders." - Global Adventure Magazine (England)

"This annual event reminds me of Around the World in 80 Days…a truly great adventure."- John Harper, host of "Harper's Bazaar" radio show (USA)

"The most remarkable travel adventure I've ever heard of…truly, a one of a kind global event." - Pierre Wolf, host of nationally syndicated "Pack your Bags" & "America's Travel Guide" (Denver, USA)

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