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Are you ready to help us celebrate our 10th anniversary event in 2014?...

Hard to believe...whoosh, where did the decade go!...

And so we are ready to begin the 2014 version of The Global Scavenger Hunt™....

The dates have been set for the event to begin April 11 and end May 3, 2014. Our secret destinations tba! Our the reigning champs, Gerry & Phil from British Columbia ( aka The Ogopogos) are ready to defend their title against 13 other teams.

So get ready. Stay tuned and read the PostCARDS Blog where we will have daily updates between our Bon Voyage Party on April 11th to our Winners Gala on May 3rd.

The event in a word cloud...

The website has been updated and there are all kinds of new features to be found. Please feel free to follow us on the PostCARDS Blog for up-to-date dispatches, photos and videos, as the event progresses.

Ten events....amazing!

For those wanting to help others help themselves by making small donations to the GreatEscape Foundation's twin goals of building co-ed elementary schools and disbursing interest-free, no-cost micro-loans for budding entrepreneurs, you are always welcome. So please give if you can. Thank you!...
Preparations for the 10th Diamond edition of the international travel adventure event, The Global Scavenger Hunt, have started with the application process to take part in the 2014 competition that will crown The World's Greatest Travelers, now officially open.

Serious applicants, travel junkies and former participants all...are now urged to apply online as the international notoriety of the event continues to expand and the 2014 competition will be limited to a rather exclusive group of just 15 teams competing in The Global Scavenger Hunt™.

Teams are expected from USA, Australia, England and Germany in 2014, along of course with the defending champions who hail from Canada!

The dates for the 2014 are: April 11 - May 3, 2014. TBA

The one and only REAL annual around the world travel adventure competition will begin at our opening Bon Voyage Party on Friday evening, April 11th, 2014, at a top secret North American destination...and then, over the next 23-days, our exclusive group of 15 teams will travel the globe completing highly interactive sight-doing cultural scavenges in at least 10 nations—but which ten countries, we're not saying of course because this event also serves as A Blind Date With The World™! 

The World's Greatest Travelers™ crown and trophy will then be won—or lost--by the time we hold our Winners Gala on Saturday evening, May 3rd, 2014, at our final North American destination.

So clear your 2014 travel calendar between April 11 and May 3, 2014!

For those wanting to participate in this real-life—said to be Amazing Race-like—travel adventure event created for travel savvy globetrotters and adventurers alike who want to test themselves against the best and brightest the world has to offer, our 2014 event promises to be the best ever--besides it is our 10th anniversary edition. Here's a little of what is being said about The Global Scavenger Hunt in the press:

Outside Magazine has billed it as "One of the most amazing trips in the world!"

Peter Greenberg has said that "Unlike the Amazing Race, this challenge is more about your ability to connect with cultures than speed and agility."

Frommer's 500 Best Adrenaline Adventures, that features high-octane and unique travel experiences for passionate travelers and adventure seekers, included The Global Scavenger Hunt on their exclusive list.

National Geographic said that the event was " Survivor, the Amazing Race and the Eco-Challenge all rolled into one except with much more cultural interaction."

Discovery Channel say the event is a "Top adventure contest...sure to push you to your limits..."

Toronto Star says"…would be Indiana Joneses will have a chance to follow in his footsteps…an international event that restores the curiosity and adventure appeal."

Wall Street Journal calls it an"…adventure for the travel-savvy who want something different."

But make no mistake about it—this is not a tour in any way, shape or form. The Global Scavenger Hunt is not a prepackaged holiday. It is not a sleep on the beach vacation and it is not a ‘if its Tuesday we must be in Belgium’ whistle-stop tour of Europe's predictable cities while staying in cheap hotels.

Our 23-day circumnavigation of the globe offers what others can only dream about offering! And we have delivered for eight years now...

From start to finish, our travel adventure competition will have a select group of travelers performing hundreds of hands-on and highly participatory hands-on culturally-oriented site-doing scavenges in at least 10 scattered (and secret!) nations around the world accumulating points for completing a series of stimulating once-in-a-lifetime scavenges; they will be doing things from morning until night while visiting extraordinary off-the-beaten path and exotic global travel destinations.

The Global Scavenger Hunt is a true travel adventure competition that tests the travel IQ of participants against other international travelers spanning the globe and crowns The World's Greatest Travelers™ in a highly competitive environment based on Teams proving their travel savvy, stamina, and creativity in real world travel situations.

The unofficial motto of our international travel adventure competition has always been trusting strangers in strange lands.

In three words, this event is about: authenticity, challenge and participation.

And every willing participant is a winner just by taking part in the annual event, because our travelers are givers and are all helping to make the world a better place in their own small ways; by not only doing some on-site volunteering during the course of their three adventure of a lifetime, but by also helping to raise charitable funds for some worthy international humanitarian causes that promise—and actually do—help others help themselves.

Previous events have helped fund the building of schools in Kenya, Sierra Leone, Ecuador, Niger, India and Sri Lanka--along with the first medical clinic of its kind in Niger.

Interested in maybe joining our 2014 event? us by phone or e-mail…but we urge you to apply online today to get the ball rolling as participation in our 10th annual around-the-world event is limited with applications processed on a first come first serve and based on team suitability interviews. Single travel applicants may also apply!

Just click here if you would like to see our shinny new official 2014 Event e-Brochure.

Thank you…and happy travels.